Your Donations are Needed, Especially During the Holidays!

Posted: November 16, 2010 in RIBC

by KATHIE MANCHESTER on NOVEMBER 12, 2010 Guest Blogging for Incept Saves

As the holidays get closer, our lives tend to get busier.

We are distracted by thoughts of shopping, cooking, eating and celebrating. We eat more than we should, sleep less than we could and, for a short burst of time, basically take less care of ourselves than we normally would. Our calendars fill up, leaving less time to do the things we normally do, including donating blood.

Unfortunately, the need for blood doesn’t take a break. There are still accident victims, emergency surgeries, births and cancer treatments, all requiring blood and blood products. Red cells, platelets and plasma are always in need. There is no substitute for blood. The only way it ends up on the shelves, ready for all these treatments, is when people make conscious efforts to donate.

You can read the entire blog post  here


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